Hemp Yarn

Hand Spun Hemp Yarn
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Hemp is a bast fibre, that is similar to flax (linen) but a bit finer in texture. Hemp fibre can vary a lot in quality depending on the crop, growing season and how well it was processed.
This hemp yarn has been spun from bleached hemp fibre that is of a very fine and soft quality, and is a light light honey shade.

The hand spun hemp yarns can be custom ordered in natural and plant dyed colours such as Indigo Blues, Madder Root Pinks, Weld Yellows and other natural plant dyes.

Hemp can be washed and will gently soften with age. Hemp does not like heat, so please do not put into the dryer but let it dry naturally.

Natural Hemp Yarn

Plant Dyed Hemp Yarns
Due to the unique nature of plants, the shade of colour will vary with each dye bath.
I have a few hand spun, hand dyed yarns in stock – but these go quickly.
Natural dye colours are also seasonal and depend on what natural plant dyes I currently have in stock. If you are looking for something special, please ask.

Plant Dyed Hemp Yarn – Indigo

Please Note:
Due to Illness, I am unable to accept custom handspinning orders at this time. Thank you for your understanding.