Milk Protein

Milk Protein Casein

Milk protein fibre is not strictly vegan, but vegetarian.
Milk fibre was invented in the 1930’s and was called milk casein. The milk fibers were blended with wool with fiber known as Aralac. The milk is soured to separate out the protein and the thick slurry is then forced through a spinneret to separate out the fibres. Milk fibre has antibacterial properties and is temperature regulating, light, absorbent, compostable and flame resistant. Spinning milk protein roving is much like spinning silk – a wonderful delight.
Although milk fiber is not vegan, it is vegetarian and is a good substitute for those who are allergic to wool or animal fibres.

The spun milk yarn can be used as a single ply or plied with itself or another fibre. The single ply is also lovely when used as weft in handwoven fabrics. Milk fiber can also be used in felting, doll hair and paper making.

Milk protein fibre or yarns are a protein based fibre, so can be dyed with acid based dyes. Milk protein can also be dyed with natural plant dyes and mordants.

Quantity: 100 grams
Fibre Length: approx 5-6 inches, 120-150 mm

Milk Protein Spinning Fibre
Milk Protein Spinning Fibre

The milk fibre is packaged in an organza mesh bag that allows the fibre to breathe and the bag can also be re-used.

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