Hemp Roving

Hemp Top Roving Vegan Spinning Fiber
Hemp is a bast fibre, that is similar to flax (linen) but a bit finer in texture. Hemp fibre can vary a lot in quality depending on the crop, growing season and how well it was processed. This batch is of hemp top fibre is of a very fine and soft quality, in a light light honey shade.
Hemp fibre is best spun with a medium to tight twist. The yarn can be used as a single ply or plied with itself or another fibre. The single ply is also lovely when used as weft in handwoven fabrics. Hemp fiber can also be used in felting, doll hair and paper making.

Good quality hemp that is soft and suitable for hand spinning is mainly produced in China, as China has the textile mills and processing facilities to produce high quality yarns and fibres. Most European growers produce hemp that is of a rougher quality and better for other craft uses. Hemp is also grown in the US and in Canada but this is primarily for food and medicinal purposes.

Hemp fibre or yarns can be dyed with natural plant dyes and mordants or other dyes suitable for cellulose fibres.
This hemp has been semi-bleached to a lovely and light cream shade of color.

Hemp Spinning Fibre
Hemp Spinning Fibre

Long Line Hemp Strick

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