Ramie Yarn

Hand Spun Ramie Yarns
Ramie, China grass, vegan yarn, plant dyed, botanical colours, indiedyer

Custom made hand spun yarn made from natural Ramie fibre.

Ramie comes from a plant of the nettle family. Ramie is one of the bast fibre crops and is one of the oldest known fibers. Ramie was used in mummy cloths in Egypt and has been grown in China for many centuries. Ramie has a silky luster and is pure white in colour. Ramie, also known as China Grass is resistant to bacteria and mildew, is absorbent and cool and comfortable to wear during hot summer months. Ramie is produced from the bark of the vegetative stalks. The Ramie bark goes through a retting and degumming process to soften them into a silky and lustrous fibre.

The hand spun ramie yarns can be custom ordered in natural and plant dyed colours such as Indigo Blues, Madder Root Pinks, Weld Yellows and other natural plant dyes.

Ramie can be washed and will gently soften with age. Ramie fiber does not like heat, so please do not put into the dryer but let it dry naturally.

Natural Ramie Yarn

Plant Dyed Ramie Yarn – Indigo

Please Note:
Due to Illness, I am unable to accept custom handspinning orders at this time. Thank you for your understanding.