Flax Yarn

Handspun Flax Linen Yarn
vegan yarn, eco yarn, botanical, plant yarn

Flax or Linen is thought to be the oldest fibre used in the Western World with fabrics dating back to 10,000 BC. Flax production was centred around Europe since about 500 AD. Today more than 80% of flax is still produced in Europe.

This flax yarn has been handspun as a single ply. It would be suitable for weaving as weft or in a tapestry. The linen yarn is a bit rough in its natural state as it has not been heavily processed as commercially mill spun yarns are. The linen yarn would also be suitable for carts types of knitting, or crochet projects.
Flax fibre or yarns can be dyed with natural plant dyes and mordants or other dyes suitable for cellulose fibres.

Flax can be washed and will gently soften with age. Flax does not like heat, so please do not put into the dryer but let it dry naturally.
The hand spun flax yarn can be custom ordered in natural and plant dyed colours such as Indigo Blues, Madder Root Pinks, Weld Yellows and other natural plant dyes.

Please Note:
Due to Illness, I am unable to accept custom handspinning orders at this time. Thank you for your understanding.