Linen Flax Roving

Flax Linen Top Roving Vegan Spinning Fiber
Flax or Linen is thought to be the oldest fibre used in the Western World with fabrics dating back to 10,000 BC. Flax production was centred around Europe since about 500 AD. Today more than 80% of flax is still produced in Europe.

This flax fibre is best spun with a medium to tight twist. The yarn can be used as a single ply or plied with itself or another fibre. The single ply is also lovely when used as weft in handwoven fabrics. Flax fiber can also be used in needle felting and paper making.

Flax fibre or yarns can be dyed with natural plant dyes and mordants or other dyes suitable for cellulose fibres.

Natural Flax Spinning Fibre
Natural Flax Spinning Fibre

Long Line Natural Flax Strick
This listing is for 100 grams of natural unbleached water retted flax strick. The flax fibres are long (about 70-80 cm in length) and have not been cut. Long line flax is best spun by tying it to a distaff, which holds the flax fibers in place while hand spinning.

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