Dye Flora Bags and Scarves

Here are some of my flora plant dyed products. While I have the natural dye pots going for dyeing the handspun yarns, there is always some dye left in the pot. As I don’t like to waste any precious plant dyed colours, I add some cotton bags, or scarves into the vat to use up the remainders of the dye.
The colours are different every time. So please check my Etsy shop for the latest hand dyed products.

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Flora Dyed Market Bags
The cotton market bags are imported from India and have been made in a shop that provides new jobs, mostly for women, with a higher salary due to the craftwork involved. No exploitation, no child labour, great quality.

I add some Shibori resist patterning to the bags and then dip them into the flora plant dye vats. During the summer months, I gather natural dye plants from the local fields and paths. In winter months, I use more of the traditional natural dyestuffs that are easy to purchase.

Flora Dyed Scarves and Shawls
Pure linen and cotton scarves and shawls are dyed with natural flora plant dyes.

Flora Plant Dyed Linen Shawls

Flora Plant Dyed Cotton Scarves